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LM- Evolution ArtWork1024



Type: EP (Extended Play)
Genre: Neoclassical, Solopiano
Tracks: 3
Release Date: 2019-12-14

Available on streaming, digital stores


Evolution is an Ep containing 3 songs: Love waves, Evolution and Sweet Waltz. This work represents Luca’s personal piano evolution. In previous recordings, such as in “Flares”, he used pure digital sounds. In “Evolution” he looked for a more realistic, dirty sound, always using the maximum technology available to optimize the music production process.




Type: album
Genre: solopiano
Tracks: 11
Release: 2018-05-05

Available on CD, streaming, digital stores


Flares is an album inspired by nature and ecology, 11 solo piano pieces that tells us about our wonderful planet and what we are not doing to protect it. The album was funded by a successful crowdfunding campaign in late 2017.

Copertina CD - IL Viaggiatore e l'Imperatore



Il Viaggiatore e l’Imperatore
Type: album
Genre: solopiano
Tracks: 13
Release: 2016-11-26

Available on CD, streaming, digital stores


Il viaggiatore e l’imperatore is the musical version of Le citta’ invisibili (Invisible Cities) of Italo Calvino: the book recounts the dialogue between the emperor of the Tartars Kublai Kan and his messenger, Marco Polo. Marco Polo describes 55 empire cities, invented, 5 cities for each of the 11 types, all with a woman’s name. In the album 11 cities are translated in music, one for each type, and alike other two songs decribing the protagonists of the dialogue.


Il Viaggiatore e l'Imperatore DVD copertina


Il Viaggiatore e l’Imperatore (DVD video)

Type: soundtrack
Genre: solopiano
Tracks: 7
Release: 2016-07-09

Available on DVD only



DVD Il Viaggiatore e l’imperatore is a feature film, shot in Rome, realized by Luca Scaramuzzo, with the students of prof. Dario Pontuale and with the music of Luca Mazzillo. A film that traces the work of Italo Calvino, Le citta’ invisibili (Invisible Cities), in the form of images, words and music.




Type: lbum
Genre: solopiano
Tracks: 13
Release: 2016-02-13

Available on CD, streaming, digital stores



Lifewalk is Luca Mazzillo’s first solo piano album. It contains 13 solo piano pieces that retrace the musical production from 1989 to 2012.